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PrO-Ed Centrifuge Range

Specialist cost effective range of centrifuges for schools. Ease of use centrifuge with ease of use instructions ideal for secondary education purposes And 3 Year warranty to prove our reliability and quality. Centrifuge designed specifically for education. When studying applications and requiring to answer the basic research questions below our centrifuge range is your ideal companion in the class room • How does a centrifuge separate materials from one another? • What types of materials can a centrifuge separate out? • What types of materials cannot be separated out by a centrifuge? • Can a centrifuge separate out materials that have been chemically bonded? • Can a centrifuge be used to separate out dissolved solids from a liquid suspension?


  • Extra thick Stainless steel bowl
  • Port to lid
  • Alloy & steel frame with composite’s
  • World leading Industrial grade Inverter
  • Best Quality European Brushless motor
  • High technology airflow (ambient models)
  • All centrifuges have user accessible service sections to access all safety parameters
  • 4 single LED’s for program identification
  • Rotor speeds preset per program
  • Acceleration & deceleration rates preset
  • 4 programs for ease of use
  • Times are preset per program
  • Multi point lid locking
  • Emergency lid release
  • Lid gas struts
  • Lid lock detection
  • Imbalance detection
  • Overspeed Sensor
  • Set inverter values
  • Barrier ring
  • Motor overheat sensor

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